Stuart Scott
Games Developer
Senior Lead Designer

Project Name

Driver: San Francisco

Project Details

Driver: San Francisco is the critically acclaimed follow up in the Driver franchise that sees the return of Tanner as he pursues wanted criminal Jericho across the city of classic car chases. The game introduces the innovative new Shift feature that allows players to instantly jump into the driving seat of any car in the city to offer a fresh new perspective on the driving game genre.

Project Contribution

As a Level Designer and Mission Scripter on Driver: San Francisco I was responsible for designing, producing and maintaining the majority of the side mission content in the single-player campaign which included:

  • 50 City Activity side missions
  • 32 Challenge missions
    • 12 Driver Challenges – designed to test the player’s driving skill
    • 13 Movie Challenges – hardcore challenges inspired by classic car chases and races
    • 5 Uplay Challenges – Uplay points reward challenges
    • 2 Special Challenges – including a re-imagining of the infamous Driver Car Park initiation mission

E3 2010

I was responsible for scripting and designing the 2010 E3 demo for the game that would serve as the first public announcement of the project. I was also chosen as a representative of the company to exhibit the demo live on the E3 show floor in the VIP booth during the conference’s duration.

  • Type

    Driving Missions

  • Role

    Mission Scripter/ Level Designer

  • Game

    Driver: San Francisco

  • Platform

    PC, X360, PS3

  • Release

    September 2011

  • Driver: San Francisco
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