Stuart Scott
Games Developer
Senior Lead Designer


Hello! I’m Stuart Scott, professional Games Developer and Senior Lead Designer at Ubisoft Reflections.

creativeXP is the home of my creative experiences from over a decade of designing, developing and ‘modding’ video games.


  • Design – my portfolio, including both professional project contributions and official releases from my hobbyist past.
  • Play – a link to my creativeXP Youtube channel where I share design projects and games media.
  • Write – my personal blog space to share creative writing projects and industry insights.


I started creating custom WADs for the original DOOM when I was around 10 years old, and since then I’ve always been drawn to creating my own game content and level designs for a range of games through in-game user generated content tools and industry standard editor software.

Since graduating in 2009 and subsequently joining Ubisoft, I have contributed to the development of a range of AAA games in a Level / Mission Designer role, including Driver: San Francisco, Watch Dogs and The Division series.

As a Senior Lead Designer, I am now responsible for guiding and enabling teams of designers to produce compelling level and gameplay content for Ubisoft’s latest projects. I am committed to ensuring that my team members are personally fulfilled in their project contributions and that their wellbeing is always of the highest priority.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading, listening to podcasts, keeping active with sports or hiking, and playing most games on my PC. I also played drums in the past, and I’ve been reliably informed that I can serve up a half-decent glazed ham or roast dinner when the occasion calls for it.

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