Stuart Scott
Games Developer
Senior Lead Designer

Project Name

Watch Dogs

  • Type

    Driving Missions

  • Role

    Mission Designer / Level Designer

  • Game

    Watch Dogs

  • Platforms

    PC, X360, XONE, PS3, PS4

  • Release

    May 2014

Project Details

As a Mission Designer/Level Designer on Watch Dogs, I was responsible for the design and creation of a number of driving based side missions called Fixer Contracts.


Transporter contracts were designed to be fast paced vehicle delivery missions that encouraged exploration, parkour and the use of the city’s many shortcuts in order to achieve the fastest delivery times for leaderboards. Adding to the challenge, players had to ensure that damage to the vehicle was kept to a minimum to avoid failure, providing an additional test of their driving skills with high risk/rewards.

Contract List

  • Urban Exploration
  • Straight and Narrow
  • Muscle Memory
  • Industry Standards
  • Grand Triathlon
  • Lap of Luxury
  • The Badlands


Speed through the city and push your driving skills to the max, attracting the attention of the police and CtOS whilst the Fixer uses the distraction for their hacking activities. Designed to take players on high intensity routes that capitalised on the many stunt opportunities throughout the city, these contracts get progressively more challenging as the police close in on you with all their force.

Contract List

  • Trials and Tribulations
  • Parker Square Rally
  • Raid
  • Deception
  • Misguided
  • Bootlegged
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