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It all starts here…

Roll out the welcome mat, sound the fanfare and brace yourselves, a fresh experience has arrived in the form of my brand spanking new website!

Okay, settle down, it’s not quite finished yet but it is already full of lovely goodness for you to peruse and absorb. First things first, there is my Portfolio collection which contains a host of completed and ongoing projects that I am proud to exhibit. I plan to expand my portfolio with new exciting ideas and projects in the near future so please check back here often.

Secondly, there is the Blog, which, if you’re reading this then you have already found. It is here that I intend to communicate my thoughts primarily regarding the current goings on in the games industry, where I hope I can present an interesting viewpoint from within. I also have plans for a number of small features that I will publish regularly, as well as presenting updates on my latest independent development projects and ideas.

So this is where it starts for the site and for myself, I hope to have you along for the journey.