Stuart Scott
Games Developer
Senior Lead Designer

Project Name

The Division 2 – World Design

  • Type

    World Design

  • Role

    Lead Level Designer

  • Game

    Tom Clancy's The Division 2

  • Platforms

    XONE, PS4, PC

  • Release

    March 2019

Project Details

As a Lead Level Designer on Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, I was responsible for leading the open world design teams across two studios based in Reflections and Ubisoft Leamington. Working closely with Environment Artists, my teams undertook the design and implementation of five named zones in our representation of post-outbreak Washington D.C.

My specific responsibilities as Lead Level Designer of two teams constructing these areas were as follows:

          • Lead the design of the themes, gameplay intentions and playable spaces of the world environments.
          • Provide open world design philosophies and advocate guidelines to world builders.
          • Lead the design and creation of a number of bespoke side missions.
          • Lead the design and creation of a number of bespoke Control Point gameplay locations.
          • Develop dynamic mission systems and activities for emergent gameplay opportunities in the world.
          • Review, playtest and provide constructive feedback to teams as part of an iterative development process.
          • Coordinate with other World Leads and stakeholders as part of a global collaboration in an agile production process to ensure my teams were effective in their responsibilities.
          • Contribute to the design and implementation of the E3 2018 demo areas in the East Mall area.

Named Zones List

Downtown East

The first explorable area in the game once players leave the White House Base of Operations. This once financial and technological business area is now ruled by the Hyenas, save for The Theatre Settlement which barely holds out amidst the carnage.

Federal Triangle

Home to a number of federal institutions, the zone is bisected by the long Pennsylvania Avenue running towards the Capitol Building. This road was the route of intense protest during the early stages of the outbreak, but now marks the border of conflict between the Hyenas and the True Sons factions in the area.

East Mall

The verdant lawns of the Mall were repurposed by the JTF as a logistics centre for bringing supplies and coordinating evacuation during the outbreak. Flanked by the famous Smithsonian museums and cultural heritage sites, the area is now a constant reminder of the failed attempts to contain the outbreak, patrolled by ruthless True Sons.


The rail infrastructure that runs through this area was initially repurposed to handle the relocation of those affected by the outbreak. When an unfortunate train derailment shutdown the network, those stranded were forced to reside in the vacant federal offices. There they waited for the winter to pass and the arrival of further promised relief that would never actually come.

Judiciary Square

Bordering the DZ East and home of the Hyena Stronghold in the District Union Arena, this dangerous area still bears the scars of huge fires that raged around the judicial buildings in the wake of arson attacks.

Three Columns