Stuart Scott
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Senior Lead Designer

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This was my first custom release for Call of Duty 4 which expanded on the original stock mp_shipment to support more players and provide additional gameplay options.

Originally intended as a test project to familiarise myself with the new toolset, I decided to complete and release the project after identifying shortfalls in the original mp_shipment multiplayer map which I felt my version rectified. Keeping the initial layout I decided to allow player access to the top of the shipping containers providing additional dimensional gameplay, as well as effectively doubling the size of the map without losing the frantic close combat of the original.

mp_shipment2 was quickly accepted as a superior version to the stock map amongst the modding community and was very popular for deathmatch and team deathmatch gametypes servers, as well as proving a favourite arena for Paintball mod servers.

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  • Type

    Custom Map

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    Level Designer

  • Game

    Call of Duty 4

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  • Release

    January 2008

  • mp_shipment2
  • mp_shipment2
  • mp_shipment2
  • mp_shipment2
  • mp_shipment2
  • mp_shipment2
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