Stuart Scott
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Senior Lead Designer

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Based on the real world location of Foucarville in Normandy, this Call of Duty 2 multiplayer map was my first public release of a custom map and received high praise from reviewers and players alike.

Focused around the grounds of the church of Saint-Lô and the surrounding fields the map offers a balanced mix of long sight lines and tight close combat. The map layout and dimensions were established by analysing maps, images and After Action Reports from Allied forces during World War 2 to produce a realistic representation of the area as it was in June 1944.

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  • Type

    Custom Map

  • Role

    Level Designer

  • Game

    Call of Duty 2

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  • Release

    December 2006

  • mp_foucarville
  • mp_foucarville
  • mp_foucarville
  • mp_foucarville
  • mp_foucarville
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