Stuart Scott
Games Developer
Senior Lead Designer

Project Name

The Division – Murray Hill

  • Type

    World Design

  • Role

    Senior Level Designer

  • Game

    Tom Clancy's The Division

  • Platforms

    PC, XONE, PS4

  • Release

    March 2016

Project Details

The design and creation of the Murray Hill area of Manhattan as represented in The Division was one of my primary responsibilities during the project’s development. Working closely with an Environment Artist, I contributed to the following throughout the area;

  • Conceptualise the space and the themes of the area in the game world and setting
  • Design all playable spaces and open world encounter locations
  • Create and arrange the game space cover layouts, navigation paths and exploration areas
  • Design and script the open world encounters throughout the area
  • Maintain and iterate the quality of the game space arrangement and encounter scripting based on playtests and peer reviews

My main ambition with the Murray Hill area was to convey a sense of chaos vs order in this slice of The Division’s Manhattan. This was primarily represented by the large Last Man Battalion (LMB) fortifications that split the area in two, with the chaos and lawlessness of the Riker controlled areas to the south of the wall in conflict with the totalitarian control of the LMB areas north of the divide.

The Queens Tunnel entrance provided a perfect pre-built defence for the LMB to establish their barricades that reminded me of a medieval moat which would serve to reinforce the walls of the LMB’s fortress! Penetrating the walls would throw players into the midst of the LMB forces, ultimately leading to their castle in the north, the UN Building.

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