Stuart Scott
Games Developer
Senior Lead Designer

Project Name

The Division – Hell’s Kitchen

  • Type

    World Design

  • Role

    Senior Level Designer

  • Game

    Tom Clancy's The Division

  • Platforms

    PC, XONE, PS4

  • Release

    March 2016

Project Details

As well as working on the Murray Hill area, I also designed and created the majority of the Hell’s Kitchen playable space in collaboration with a team of Environment Artists which included;

  • Designing the playable spaces and open world encounter locations
  • Create and arrange the game space cover layouts, navigation paths and exploration areas
  • Design and script the open world encounters throughout the area
  • Iterate upon the quality of the game space arrangement and encounter scripting based on playtests and peer reviews

Although I was not initially in a position to contribute to the conceptualisation of Hell’s Kitchen in The Division, I was still able to incorporate a lot of ideas throughout in my level design of the area. This included the design of two separate, thrilling, assault based side missions inside landmark buildings in the region, as well as an encounter situated on the open-air rail tracks nestled between the buildings designed to shift the power balance and surprise players.

Three Columns