Stuart Scott
Games Developer
Senior Lead Designer

Project Name

The Division – Broadway Emporium

  • Type

    Mission Design

  • Role

    Senior Level Designer

  • Game

    Tom Clancy's The Division

  • Platforms

    PC, XONE, PS4

  • Release

    March 2016

Project Details

At an early point in development, I was given the responsibility of designing and implementing the Broadway Emporium main mission. At the time I was given a lot of freedom regarding the narrative and moment-to-moment gameplay of the mission, and I’m pleased to say that most of the ideas I suggested in those early concept stages have made it into the final version of the game.

Although some of the narrative structure has been adapted since I handed the mission on to another team, the broad beats of the mission objectives and the whitebox layout of the store remains largely unchanged.

This location was always intended to be a visually arresting space with its burning Christmas tree the centre piece amidst the aisles of looted jewellery and fragrance counters. More than that, it serves as a key piece of the story in determining the origins of the virus, as well as the motivations of the Cleaner faction in the game.

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