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Category: GOTY

Game of the Year 2013
  • 2 January 2014

In the final part of my look back at my personal gaming highlights of the year, I have decided to…

Best Handheld Games 2013
  • 31 December 2013

In 2013 handheld gaming was bigger than ever. Nintendo finally seemed to be returning to form with…

Best Multiplayer Games 2013
  • 30 December 2013

Most new games have a variety of multiplayer options tailored to extend their lifespan and provide…

Most Disappointing Games 2013
  • 23 December 2013

Usually games featured in a category of ‘Most Disappointing’ would be hauled up in front of the…

Most Intriguing Games 2013
  • 17 December 2013

What does it mean for a game to be intriguing? It could be due to the mechanics of its design, or…

My Games of the Year 2013
  • 17 December 2013

2013 has provided us with the end of eras, the beginning of a new generation and a wealth of…